Types of Limousines

Limousines are among the most popular vehicles chosen today for luxury applications and special occasions. Most people are aware of the stretch limousine that has become a hallmark of transporting newly married couples and well to do prom high schoolers. However, the truth is that there are a range of limousines available for rental that can work well in just about any situation. Here is an introduction to the different types of limousines one might see or use.

1. Stretch Limousines

Stretch limousines are the most commonly seen limousines among the general public. They resemble a large sedan such as a Lincoln Towncar or Cadillac or Ford Fairlane that has been stretched out to accommodate more seating and luxury in the interior. These are the kinds of limos that are most likely to be requested for special events such as birthdays, graduations, and of course, weddings.

There are a range of features one can have added to today's stretch limousines, including stereo systems, luxurious bars, fiber optic lighting, and in some situations, hot tubs. Because the stretch limo is quite large, up to 6 people can be seated in them comfortably. Limos advertised as 10 seaters may seat up to 8 people comfortably.

2. The Hummer Limousine is essentially a cross between a stretch limousine and a regular Hummer. These are designed to hold significantly more people than possible in stretch limos, and they are the vehicle of choice for rock stars, celebrities, and other people who demand nothing less than the most ostentatious appearance. It is hard not to be noticed when traveling in a Hummer limousine.

The most modern gadgets and luxuries may be found in the Hummer Limo, including video game consoles, complete champagne bars, and all kinds of video entertainment. A lot of Hummer limos are capable of seating up to 24 people without compromising their levels of comfort. It is also often possible to rent themed Hummer Limos to make special situations and occasions more memorable.

3. The Party Bus is a cross between a small bus and a traditional limousine. They typically include amenities such as built in restrooms, making it easy for the party to last all night if necessary. Because party buses are larger than other configurations of limousines, they permit standing while they are in operation and they sometimes even include dancing poles for truly exotic entertainment.

Up to 44 people can be safely accommodated in the average party bus, and they are excellent ways of transporting large numbers of people from one social event to the next on a night of debauchery and entertainment. Because party buses are so amenable to drinking nights, they are frequently requested by college students and bachelors and bachelorettes when they are hosting parties for the evening.

4. The Luxury Sedan Limousine is yet another kind of limousine one is likely to come across in travels. They are the least conspicuous kind of limousine and are often referred to as executive sedans since they are preferred by executives and financial officers.

They are the kind of car that is most likely to be chauffeured, and they typically come in Ford, Holden, Mercedes Benz and BMW varieties. They are good choices for professionals, celebrities, government officials, athletes, and generally private people who are interested in traveling discreetly without sacrificing luxury and entertainment.